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By: Jean-Michel Cliche

Originally Produced for the

NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival

July 2020

Earth and Space

As life on Earth continues to grow complicated and scary, one person manages to escape the gravity well of humanity. Floating above it all, Space Girl transmits her new-found freedom back to the surface, stirring incendiary questions in her viewers: What does it mean to be living on Earth right now? And if we can leave… should we?


Space Girl is an interactive digital play that goes beyond the typical “Zoom show” in order to bring you high quality, real-time performance. Space Girl follows a “choose-your-own-adventure” format, making each audience member’s experience unique. This show is streamed remotely for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home – Wherever that may be!


Space Girl is created with considerations for people with visual and hearing impairments. If you have questions concerning the accessibility of this show, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us         .



DEVIN ROCKWELL is a theatre artist and musician based out of Fredericton. They are currently finishing up an odd degree pairing of Drama and Neuroscience at UNB. Over the years Devin has developed a love for all roles in theatre, from acting to set design, but has especially loved directing, writing, and composition. They began composing by writing music for Bard in the Barrack's 2018 production of Cymbeline, and continued writing music for shows such as Black Dog (TUNB), Concord Floral (TST), along with acting as sound designer for multiple shows including Carrion Birds (NBActs), Tempest (STEEDS), Moments in Time (TUNB) and Gullywhump (NBActs).

LANCE KENNETH BLAKNEY is a photographer and filmmaker based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He works as an Integrated Marketing Officer for the University of New Brunswick.  His passion for still and moving imagery, in combination with his honours degree in Media Arts and Cultures, facilitates the creation of visually beautiful photographs and films that can also exist within a social and political context. Solo gallery shows, guest lectures, workshops, and numerous international publications and awards have given him a presence within the artistic community both locally and abroad.


ALICE NEWLING has been involved in Fredericton's theatre scene for the last decade. Some highlights include BIllie Bendix in Branch Out Productions' Nice Work If You Can Get It, Christopher Boone in Harmony Productions' Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime and most recently, Space Girl. Having premiered in the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival, she is honoured that she gets to continue to work on bringing theatre to the digital stage.


ARMIN PANJWANI is an undergraduate arts student at UNB. Her passion for theatre started in middle school and is still strong, she’s doing a double major in media and drama. Her previous performances include a role in The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie and The Happy Journey To Trenton and Camden by Thornton Winder. She hopes Space Girl inspires you to be adventurous, just the way it inspired her.


ESTHER SOUCOUP is a graduate from St Thomas University, during their time there they directed several productions including Hamlet for the St. Thomas Early English Drama Society & The Trickster of Seville for Theatre St. Thomas. Recently they've been involved in various projects with Solo Chicken Productions, including performing in Fruit Machine and teaching theatre workshops with Theatre students from various high schools around Fredericton. Space Girl holds a special place in Esther's heart because of the beautiful and empathetic story it tells of a young queer woman navigating life under spectacular circumstances, of which we are all very familiar with, especially in 2020.

Enjoy the show! 

SYDNEY HALLETT is a dancer, actor, and physical theatre artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She has been training in dance from a young age and continues to train with a new focus on creation. She graduated from St. Thomas University with a  Double major in English (Drama) and Fine Arts (Performance Art). Some recent credits include Johanna in Sweeney Todd (STU musical theatre), Nearly Wild in Concord Floral (Theatre St. Thomas), and Artemis in Foolish Deeds (Solo Chicken Productions). Currently, she is a member of Solo Chicken Productions’: The Coop, a physical theatre company based in Fredericton. 



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